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"My background as an architect allows me to explore the links between humanity and urbanity, to play with volumes and the combination of materials. My work lies on the border between art and design: I explore the links between these two fields, whether through forms or uses."

Céline Salomon is a French ceramic designer. She is also an architect by training, a student of Chinese master ceramists, a passionate mountaineer, a Parisian at heart and a New Yorker by affection. 


A 2013 graduate of the Ecole d'Architecture de Versailles, Céline has worked in several architectural practices on large-scale projects. From this work, she retains a love of concrete in all its forms and a great sensitivity to the relationship between art and space. 


Eager to return to a more human scale and rediscover greater creative freedom, Céline trained in ceramic throwing in 2016. First with Grégoire Scalabre and Christophe Bonnard in Paris, then in China, in Jingdezhen, a historic city and world reference for porcelain.

There, for two years, she learned the essential gestures from local master craftsmen, and underwent a transformative experience. Alone in a country on the other side of the world, without speaking the language, Céline opened herself up to a new art of living and grasped the tension between tradition and modernity.


Returning to Paris in 2018, Céline founded her own studio and created a series of tableware pieces stamped Atelier Zû: a collection noted for its exploration of blue, granite and calligraphic tracings. Architecture and nature are two essential sources of inspiration for her work.


As an eternal explorer, Céline decided to question the quiet strength of ceramics by combining it with other raw materials. This impetus gave birth to new, larger, more sculptural pieces, which now take over entire living spaces. Porcelain and brass, stoneware and aluminum... a multitude of alloys give shape to tables, stools, mirrors and basins with singular silhouettes.

The public discovers them at Galerie Scène Ouverte and at the major decorative arts events: Design Miami/ Basel, PAD London and PAD Paris.


Céline Salomon continues to reinvent ceramics by making raw materials speak for themselves, nourished by her vital relationship with nature and her fascination with the architecture of large metropolises. In spring 2024, she will be in residence at the Villa Albertine in New York City.











- Residency Villa Albertine, New York 

- Itinerance Design, Group Show, Paris Design Week

- PAD London

- Design Miami, Basel

- PAD Paris


- Group Show at Galerie Scène Ouverte, Paris
- Group Show at Galerie Scène Ouverte, Paris

- Group Show at Galerie Scène Ouverte, Paris


- Galerie Scène Ouverte, Paris

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